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Helpful guide: when to sell

So many times we speak to people who don't want to market their property until they have found the right one to move to, or they are waiting for the right time of year. We will address both of these separately.


Waiting to find somewhere before you go on the market:


This instinct is understandable as sellers worry they will not find the right property, and they don't want to waste people's time or feel pressured into compromising on their next home.


The problem is that so many people take this approach and therefore their chances of finding the right property are vastly diminished, as so few people are putting their property on the market. It creates a vicious circle.


When the right property does come along, inevitably they lose out on it as they are not in a position to offer, i.e. they have not sold (they are not even on the market!) and there are plenty of buyers who have sold or have nothing to sell.


Waiting for the right time of year:


Spring is the most popular time of year to sell. Why? The grass and plants are looking their best and sellers feel this may help to achieve a quick sale and better price, plus they may be able to move before a new school years starts. Another popular time is September after holidays are out of the way.


If you decide to market at these times you will also benefit from the positives mentioned above, but you will become one of many properties coming onto to the market at this time and will therefore have more competition. Some of our most successful sales have been agreed just before Christmas, when there was little else available!


So in summary, once you have decided you are definitely moving, our advice is:


1. Speak with a mortgage adviser to make sure you can get the mortgage you need. Don't assume you can just because you are borrowing the same or less, it does not work like that. We recommend you speak to


2. Get a free valuation of your home (if you want us to provide one, call 01527 956123) and then get your property ready to market (see our other blog here about preparing your home for sale, or ask our agents for advice).


3. Get on the market regardless of the time of year. Your agent can make it perfectly clear to buyers that you are not able to move until you have found somewhere (if that is the case) and ensure they accept this may take some time. If you are able to move into rented or with family, all the better.


4. Once sold, find a new property and make an offer.


Simple! We know it is not always that simple but  at Right Estate Agents we will help you every step of the way.

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