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Helpful guide: preparing your property for sale

Before you market your property you should consider how it looks to estate agents and buyers. Builders’ show homes are designed to sell a dream to prospective buyers and there is no reason why you should not do the same.


It may seem a lot of hassle but, done right, it could be a very wise investment of time and money. Even if it meant spending a few thousand pounds on completely redecorating and getting new carpets throughout (if needed), this is likely to mean a much quicker sale, and you will probably get your investment back and may well make a an extra grand or so on top.


Even if you are not prepared to spend large sums there are some basic tips you can follow (where appropriate):


•Tidy the front including de-weeding driveways, cleaning fascias and gutters etc.

•Re-paint the front door and garage door if required, avoid bold colours like red.

•Make sure all windows are cleaned and consider replacing ‘blown’ double glazing.

•New carpets where you really need them, the smell alone can help sell a house.

•Apply a fresh coat of paint, ideally neutral, to walls and wood.

•Hide away coats, shoes, ornaments, photos, posters in bedrooms etc.

•Remove fridge magnets, notice boards, tea towels, draining trays etc in kitchen.

•Put things you don't really use on a daily basis in the attic or storage.

•Very large pieces of furniture could go into storage, this will make rooms feel bigger.

•Move furniture to present the room and make the viewers’ journey flow easily.

•Re-tiling and re-grouting if necessary.

•Install matching chrome fittings.

•Replace broken light bulbs.

•Make beds really well and dress with cushions that complement the room.

•Take down or replace heavy dark curtains.

•Strategically place flowers throughout.

•Get a new loo seat if required.

•Ensure towels are clean and folded neatly. Remove bathroom floor mats.

•Hide away colourful garden toys, mow the lawn and trim the edges.


This list is not exhaustive and I am sure you get the idea. At Right Estate Agents we offer home staging advice as standard during a free valuation and throughtout  the sales process.

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