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Buying a property

Property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation bring together all the properties that estate agents have for sale or let, all in one place, which makes it so much easier to filter and compare. Click on any of the logos below to go to that portal:

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Property portals

Creating alerts on Rightmove

Rightmove is currently the most popular property portal in the Midlands. Almost all estate agents will advertise their properties on Rightmove so we recommend that buyers register on this site and set up alerts – here is how to do it:


Set up an account (if not already done so)


1.Go to (or click the link above)

2.Click ‘create account’ at the top right of the page

3.Enter your details then click the blue ‘create account’ button


To get alerts for properties within a radius of a postcode or town:


1.Go to the ‘For Sale’ tab near the top

2.Select ‘find property for sale’

3.Enter the town or postcode in the white box next to ‘find property in’

4.Click ‘start search’

5.Complete the search criteria details that follow the click ‘find properties’

6.Click the blue button on the left: ‘create an alert for ….’

7.Select the frequency of alerts. 24 hours is recommended to ensure you hear about properties quickly.


To get alerts for properties in a specific area that you draw on a map

Register with estate agents

The one downside of Rightmove and other portals is that the properties will only appear on there once the estate agent has added them. Usually this is after they have typed them up and had them approved by the seller or landlord. Keeping in contact with estate agents may therefore give you a time advantage on any new properties that come along. Most agents will have a system that matches properties to buyers / tenants and may or may not be pro-active at using it.

Rightmove drawn search

1.Go to ‘My Rightmove’ at the top of the screen

2.Click on ‘Alerts & Searches’

3.Click on the ‘Drawn Areas’ tab

4.Click on ‘create a new area’

5.Use the + and – on the left of the map to zoom in or out. It is easier if you can see the whole area you want to draw.

6.Click on the map anywhere along the edge of your desired area and then click more times to around the edge until you get back to the start. The area can be any shape so make sure you include all areas you want to live in, and exclude those you do not. Your final click should be where your first click was to close the area.

7.Give the area a name in the window that pops up then ‘save area’

8.You will see the new area on the left and you can have more than one if required.

9.Click on ‘view properties’ next to the area on the left

10.Update the criteria as required e.g. bedrooms, price range etc. The radius should probably stay as ‘this area only’ as you have just spent time specifying the exact area you want.

11.Finally you can ‘create an alert for …’

A final note as many people get this confused. Rightmove is NOT an estate agent - it is the UK’s leading website for estate agents to advertise property on. Right Estate Agents IS an estate agent – we advertise property on Rightmove like other agents, but are not part of their company.

If you are searching for a property to buy, it is no longer necessary to trawl up and down the High Street looking in shop windows, or even looking in the local property paper. The internet makes it so much easier to search than employing these old fashioned methods. There is also little point in searching on the website of an estate agent or letting agent; with so many agents out there you could spend hours hopping from site to site, and would struggle to remember what each agent had to offer.


The simplest way to find the right property nowadays is to search the property portals.

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